Millers Church:
Located in Hagerstown, Maryland


A Miller's Church Story...
Subject: Ghost Story - Millers Church
Date: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 12:34 AM

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I have always been interested in this sort of stuff, and I often visit these websites for updates on hauntings near me. One haunted place near me is Millers Church, on Millers Church Road in Hagerstown, Maryland. I'd bugged 2 of my friends the other night to go to this church, but they refused to go at dark...

One of my friends told me that they'd been there before, and this is the story of what happened in the early 1930's, and the story of what happened to him. The story goes that in the early 1930's, Millers Church was originally a catholic church. Then it was overran by satanists who performed a ton of rituals and rites and used young girls as sacrifices, until the church burned down years later. Rumor had it that sometimes at night you could see a body hanging from a tree near the church, or get chased by a hearse...

What happened to my friend, in retrospect, was not all that different.. he had not known the story when he went there (years ago), and yet he told me that he'd gone inside the church with a few friends, and that they had all looked up and seen a body hanging from the rafters. Then my friend felt hands on him, pulling at him.

I didn't know what to make of all this, but I begged my friends to go.. and they wouldn't. But this morning, on April 1st, they called me up and offered to go during daylight hours, and I was all for it. The weather was not too cold or hot, just right, and it was a beautiful day. They picked me up and I directed them back to Millers Church Road. We'd driven for awhile but we hadn't seen the church, and my friend could not remember where it was. For future reference, and as a relevant part of the story--it turns out that the site of the church was not visible from the road. You have to park just past the graveyard and walk through it, and up into the woods, to where you'll find a fence of barbed wire and a bit of open, circular area, with trees all around. Anyhow, me and my friends hiked through the graveyard and came upon the area where the church used to be. It turns out it's been gone for some time, but theres no evidence that it was ever there... yet residents swear it was there.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. I wandered around, totally interested in the whole area. One of the trees I found had been completely hollowed out from top to bottom in a perfect circular pattern... yet it was still standing and didn't even appear dead. I noticed some residue on the tree as well. Next, me and my friends ducked under some barbed wire to walk a bit further beyond the site, where we found lots of shotgun shells, like someone had been firing wildly at something... not often you'd see a bunch of shells in one spot from someone shooting at an animal, you know? We began to feel a strange aura of energy, and one of my friends began to flip out, so we headed back to the barbed wire where we'd came in. Thats when we noticed the first strange thing--a clump of blonde hair caught in the barbed wire that hadn't been there when we came in. Since I was the only one who wasnt going to flip out, I got a closer look at the hair. I found it to be brittle and quite aparently old... and none of us had blonde hair. Next, my friend tripped over a bone that appeared to be the structure of a small animal, except it was perfectly intact, despite appearing to be very old, and pieces of it crumbled at my touch.... yet it had remained unfettered for as long as it was there...

Unfortunately, as we returned to the trail where we entered the actual site of the church, my friend that had been freaking out noticed another bone that was identical to the one we'd just seen a ways back. I backtracked and found the one that we'd just looked at was gone. Confused, I returned to my friends and noticed another bone about 2 feet from the first, partially covered by leaves. I picked it up and dropped it immediately.. it was ice cold to the touch, and was remarkably similiar to a human thigh bone.. you could even tell where the kneecap would be. My friend panicked worse, and started to climb through the last bit of barbed wire to the trail leading back to the road. I was still studying the bone when she screamed, and my other friend and I both looked at her, and she was babbling about getting shocked three times in her wrist by the barbed wire fence. Both of us touched the wire, and neither of us got shocked, but she continued to go on and on about it, getting hysterical. The air got really tight around us, and she could hardly breathe, she said, so we rushed her back to the car...

As we sat in the car she continued to go on and on, and we all lit cigarettes to calm down. Then my friend and I both touched her arm, and we felt energy and pain go through our own arms. It was extremely strange.... then she got very quiet and started driving, and wouldn't stop.. she kept screaming for us to get the spirit out of her, she was convinced it was in her.. so we directed her to a Haven Lutheran Church. That's when we noticed fingernail marks digging into her hand, and a cut appeared on her wrist. This freaked us out, and we drove back to my friends house and gave her a cross to hold. She said this made her feel better, and we all calmed down a bit.. then all at once the three of us felt this energy leaving us, and she said her arm no longer hurt...

The entire visit was a trip, and I can't wait to go back at night.... but everyone's afraid to go! If I go, alone or with someone, I'll send the story in.


Another Millers Church Story...

Miller's Church, Hagerstown.
See below for location.

Another urban legend? Who knows. Back in the 1930s some say Satanic rituals were performed here and some years later it burned to the ground. A popular parking spot, a young couple could not get their car to start one night. The boyfriend left his girl in the car and went for help. When he came back her body was found swinging from a nearby tree. It's said you can still see here there, hanging from the same tree. It has also been rumored that a phantom hearse will appear and chase you from the grounds.

05.28.02: Many thanks to a local who sent me the following detailed information! "I grew up in Hagerstown and know something of the "Millers Church" you referenced. Most locals knew of the place as the "Peace Chapel." The church was once a Baptist church that sat, essentially, smack in the middle of a winding country road, "Millers Church Road," which is just off the Leitersburg Pike (Route 60) between Hagerstown and Smithsburg. The road ran directly to the church and then, just in front of the church's rear wall, it arcs right past the facade of the church. The Baptist's built a new church and abandoned the Miller's Church, leaving the building and the cemetery in the front. It was rumored that Satanists had occupied the church from time to time, holding rituals and animal sacrifices. They were rumored to have renamed the church the Peace Chapel, an ironic name for their style of religion. A fire broke out in the abandoned church, gutting it to the red brick walls. Whether or not there were really Satantists or just teens invoking Satan for late night kicks, local hellions and teenagers began to hang out at the now infamous site and eventually vandalized the church facade with pagan symbols and desecrated the small cemetery, kicking over or even stealing the headstones. The building is gone now, bulldozed to straighten the Millers Church Road and the kids don't hang out there anymore, but the legend now is that the spirits in the abandoned cemetery still dwell along the road, looking for the church and parishoners who abandoned them and the vandals and hooligans that desecrated their resting space. Years ago, two of my aunts went to the site when the Chapel still stood, curious of the legend. They carried rosaries to protect them from bad spirits and devilish occupants. A photo snapped at the site later revealed the most chilling picture I have ever seen...beneath the rosary, dangling from my aunt's hand, the brush and leaves behind her CLEARLY show a demonic face glaring directly into the lens of the camera! Absolutely makes the hair stand up on your arms! If I can get the photo, I'll scan and send along later."

07.02.02: Sarah submits the following, "My friends went to the so called "Peace Chapel" and saw stuff that scared them so bad the don't ever want to go back. I'm going next Saturday and will have more to say about it but when my friends went three of them got knocked over by the ghosts and pinned down. They couldn't move at all. The ghosts were grabbing them. They describe it as a pinching-like, akward feeling. They said it wasn't a constant grabbing. Then my one friend that drove saw the lights in her car turn on when they were in the graveyard so they ran back to the car and two cell phones were missing and the passenger door was locked. When they got in the Explorer to leave, they happend to look behind them and saw head lights of some kind of a black SUV. They couldn't see a driver, just a black figure. They outran the car and left. It's said that if the car catches up to you and you can't see the head lights anymore it means that they are in your car and they will take control of your car and make you crash. If you feel like it's going to catch you the best thing to do is to pull over and wait until dawn. It will sit behind all night though. It wont leave you until dawn. Scary enough for you? It is for me, but I have to find out for myself. I'll give you more info later!"

08.08.02: Many thanks to Anthony who sends in the following personal account, "8-7-02. Visited Miller's Church Cemetery today at 6pm. Didn't experience any particular paranormal activity. Did, however, see a black hearse slow down on a side road. Didn't get a clear look at it and didn't see it again for the remainder of the half an hour that we were there. Also, stood on stone fence skirting cemetery and the moment I stepped on the fence dogs started barking. Barking appeared to be coming from the direction the hearse went. Very old graveyard for there to be a hearse anywhere near it. If anyone knows anything about the history of this cemetery please contact Thanks."

04.15.03: Heather writes, "I live on one of the roads near Miller's Church and I have always heard these stories of a car that chases you. I never really believed any of it so I had to do some investigating myself. My best friend and I went on the road on the way to my house one night and I was on her cell phone when we went past the turn. Her cell phone shut off completely as soon as we passed the monument. As if that didn't freak us out enough, we decided to go back a couple nights later for further investigation. We drove around the turn slowly this time and she said that she had felt something pushing on the bottom of her floor mat. So we floored it and decided not to return there after night fall. Then I took my boyfriend back that way in the day light because he had never seen the monument before. When we approached the turn he stopped so that he could get a better look and then, out of nowhere, a black car appeared behind our car. It followed us for a while and then turned off somewhere. One more thing. I have never heard the part about the car shutting it's headlights off and then getting in your own car and making you crash until I visited this website, but a couple years back my father had been on his way to work and crashed his car on that same road. I am not sure what the reason was. I just thought that it was kind of freaky."

06.08.03: Mike writes, "While looking at your site I noticed the story of Peace Chapel or what we called the "Satan Church". It is well known legend around Hagerstown and I decided to go out one night and check it out with my friends. I can tell you the site itself is scary as hell and the tomb stones are still there. One night me and a few friends went out to check the place out and it was eerie. As we walked into the woods where the church stood we could he shrieks and moans coming from what sounded like right in the middle of the group. We obviously freaked and ran back to the cars at which point we could look into the woods and see black blobs or shadows move amongst the trees. It was the scariest thing I've ever encountered."

06.21.03: Jess writes, "I can attest to the things that went on at the Peace Chapel. I grew up in the area back in the late 70's, early 80's when it was the hang out. The chapel still stood then and they say that's when the devil worshippers did their sacrifices. We broke into the chapel many times but I do have the original piano keys with blood stains on them. Don't know who's blood but when your 14 years old it's fascinating. My brothers also have seen fires burning but when they got closer the fires would be out. If you take dogs and walk through what's left of the graves, they get all freaked out. I can also add that the church was torn down by a local farmer because of the kids hanging out there. They were mennonites. As for the black hearse, it always chased us. I was just discussing this with my daughters last weekend when I took them to a couple of our old hangouts and told them how the hearse would be parked at the farm house right before you get to the chapel and then it would get behind us and follow us. It was just a local who was having fun."

09.03.03: Anthalia writes, "In the early eighties my boyfriend and some of his friends were driving around and decided to go park at this church and drink some beers. They drove in and parked away from the church just so that they had somewhat of a view of it. They did not go all the way in and upon driving down the road he turned the headlights off on the car as to not let anyone see that they were some teenagers drinking. It was about three or four in the morning, and no one else around, or so they thought. After a while, they began to see a fairly large procession of people wearing white robes making their way across the lawn from the woods in the nighttime fog. They did not see any cars there. They watched in disbelief at what they all saw as the people made their way to the church. They did not want to be spotted by these people so they made a hasty retreat with the headlights off until they felt safe enough to haul butt! They did start to see headlights behind them for a very short while, but that car stopped or turned around because they didn't see the headlights anymore. The question to them was what the hell were they all doing in the middle of the night coming from those woods at a "church"? They all never got over it, and never went back there again. The conversation came up quite frequently as a remember when kind of thing, but no one ever knew quite what to make of it. I understand now that other people believed this to be a place of satanic or "alternative Religion" local. After that we dubbed it the satanic church! This may give more insight on the satanic ritual aspect of this place. I don't know. But this is not a tall tale of any kind. And I hope this helps, but to me it may just add to the mystery. I wonder what they had witnessed?"