SMP Event:
  • Private Residence: Linthicum, MD
  • Case#: 20070526LiMD
Date and Time:
  • 26-May-2007
  • 8:00pm - 1:00am
Members in Attendance:
  • Brian, Desirae(MPRS), Lisa, Rob, Steve
  • 5 Digital Audio Recorders
    • 2 Olympus VN-480pc
    • 1 Olympus VN-480
    • 1 Olympus WS-100
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz Laptop Recording Video via
    • 'ConvertX' Digital Media Converter &
    • 0-Lux Wireless CMOS CCTV IR Video Camera
  • 1 Toshiba 2.0GHz Pentium 4-M Laptop Recording Wireless Video & Audio *
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz Pentium 4-M Laptop Recording Audio *
  • 1 Dell (Rob's) Laptop Recording Audio * via*
    • 3 Wireless Audio Receivers
  • 1 Sony Handycam Hi8 camcorder w/ nightshot
  • 1 Custom IR Floodlight Emitter
  • 1 4-channel DVR surveillance system w/
    • 290GB Storage drive
    • 17" NEC 16ms Flat panel LCD display
    • 4 - 0-Lux IR 1/3" CCD CCTV 6mm 420-line Cameras
  • 1 Extech 1-axis Digital EMR Detector
  • 1 Cellsensor EMR Detector
  • 1 Omega Thermocouple Digital Thermometer /inc
    • Type 'T' Thermocouple Air probe on
    • 3' probe wand
  • 1 Omega Hygrometer w/ Thermometer and Dew Point meter
  • 1 Panasonic Lumix 6.0MP Digital Camera
  • 1 Tripods
  • 2 Maglight AA Flashlights
  • 2 Rayovac Headlamps
  • 2 - 2-Way, Cobra 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, Kenwood 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, Motorola 8-Mile Radios w/ license

    Testing a new Theory:

    • 2 - 9v DC power source with red LED
    • 1 - Enclosed acrylic control vessel
      • Feather & Vase
      • Dish with sand
      • Wind chimes
      • Unlit candle
Atmospheric Conditions:
  • Partly Cloudy
  • NNE-ENE Winds: 4-18mph, gusting to 22

    Time: Felt Like: Dew Point: Humidity: Pressure:
    7:54pm 81.0F 62.1F 52% 30.09"
    8:54pm 78.1F 62.1F 58% 30.09"
    9:54pm 78.1F 63.0F 60% 30.12"
    10:54pm 75.9F 59.0F 56% 30.13"
    11:54pm 73.9F 59.0F 56% 30.12"
    12:54am 72.0F 60.1F 66% 30.12"
    1:54am 69.1F 61.0F 75% 30.11"
History of the Property:
  • Private Residence, built in 1953
Reported Activity:
  • Cabinets in the kitchen open by themselves
  • Shadows in the living room
  • Ceiling fan in the dining room will move on its own
  • The image of a little girl has been seen in the dining room
  • A ball rolled down the hall way will stop, then roll back
  • Children are afraid to stay in the play room, and downstairs bedroom
  • The downstairs bathroom door will slam in the middle of the night
  • Shadowy figures are seen going up and coming down the stairs
  • Homeowner has experienced 'someone' climbing into the master bed but no one is there
  • In the girl's bedroom, has been seen a little girl coming from the 'tunnel' and has interacted with the little girls
Preliminary Meeting and Tour:
  • 2-May - Preliminary walk-through:

    As a team, Don, Rob and Steve arrived at the residence between the hours of 2:00pm and 3:00pm. We were greeted by the home owner and we chatted for a bit. She was happy with the introductions and felt we were not a threat. We started in the living room when she told us many stories of the shadows and how the children were hesitant to sleep in several rooms and be other places alone.

    We walked from the living room and moved to the dining room. Here she explained about the activity relating to the ceiling fan of the dining room and the kitchen. She described how the ceiling fan would begin to spin slowly on its own, sometimes only moving a 1/4 turn then stopping. She took Don and Rob to the Kitchen and spoke of the kitchen cabinets opening on their own. One experience she described as her walking to the far side of the kitchen, and turning to find all the cabinet doors open. Steve ran an EMR sweep and found only a minor anomaly near the microwave oven. The reading was off the scale, but was consistent on three separate readings, including a forth reading 15 minutes later by Don.

    Next, we were taken to the rear of the lower level where we learned of the bathroom door activity and the two read rooms, and the feelings of fore-boding and dread. Initial EMR readings were flat. She took the time to describe how one time she rolled a ball down the hallway and jokingly spoke to the spirit and told it to roll the ball back to her. The ball stopped rolling in the rear of the house briefly, then began to roll back to her in the living room.

    From there, we were escorted to the upper level of the home. We started at the Master Bedroom where she described how one night she was in bed with the lights out. She said she felt 'someone' get into the bed with her. Thinking it was her husband, she rolled over to kiss him goodnight, and there was no one there.

    Finally we ended in the girls bedroom. At the entrance of the bedroom, there is a small bookcase imbedded into the wall. This bookcase can easily be removed to expose and empty space that runs the length of the roofline. The homeowner described that her girls call that space 'the tunnel.' The girls told their mom that 'she comes out of the tunnel.' She also described that on numerous occasions she has heard her girls, one in particular, talking to 'the girl.' Sometimes it is pleasant, sometimes not.

  • Camera Configuration:
  • DVR Cam #1: Girls Bedroom
  • DVR Cam #2: Top of the stairs, later moved to the master bedroom
  • DVR Cam #3: Kitchen
  • DVR Cam #4: Bathroom
  • Hi8 Cam: Living room
  • In the Master Bedroom and the Hallway in the bathroom door, we staged two 9v LED devices to detect power drain.
  • Wireless audio was setup at the:
    • Kitchen, to detect any audible sign of cabinet activity
    • Living room, to detect any communication from the "shadows"
      • **Also acted as the central point to triangulate potential anomalies
    • "Tunnel", to detect any audible sign from the little girl spirit
  • Digital recorders were placed in the Girls bedroom, Dining room & lower bedroom
  • The acrylic control vessel was also placed in the girls bedroom
  • We tested the hallway slope using a 4' carpenter's level. Measurement was taken from the end of the hall at the 'common room' to the living room. The result is that the floor is perfectly level.

  • The "tunnel"
  • The hallway
    Tonight, we tested many of the stories that had been told. We did not find signs of paranormal activity in the home. We tested the floor in the hallway to see if it sloped slightly toward the living room. The floor is perfectly level and does not support our theory that a slight grade would cause the ball to roll back toward the homeowner.

    • We attempted an experiment with items that were sealed in a clear, acrylic control vessel in the hopes that any spirits within the home might find it easier to interact with simple, every-day items that one might find around a home. The acrylic vessel was sealed in a manner that an individual would need a specialized item to open the enclosure and tamper with the contents. We did not experience any activity with the control vessel.

    • We did experience some phenomena that we did not record on our equipment, but are worth mentioning:

      • Rob has been experimenting with a device that contains a single red LED and 9-volt battery. As is has been theorized, if spirits attempts to manifest itself, it attempts to gather energy from any available DC source, including batteries and even human beings themselves. Rob tested this tool and determined that a single 9-volt battery will last 60+ hours when running continually.

      • That night, those devices lasted no more than 3-hours on fresh batteries. Yes, the batteries may have been old or defective in their manufacturing. But they were taken from a new, unopened package.

      • We also experienced other instances of battery drain:

        • Desirae's camera lost power after a short time. Fresh batteries were used.
        • One wireless audio device also lost power. Fresh batteries were used.
        • Two digital recorders were also drained of power. Fresh batteries were used.

    All batteries being drained occurred throughout the home. It was not in one place. In all cases, fresh batteries were used.
    Although not conclusive, these events are worth experimenting & testing further.

  • This is an interesting photo as this is the only 'orb' we captured. As we say, 'orbs' are not proof of a haunting. We provide to you our findings, and it is up to everyone to decide for themselves.
  • We have reviewed all pictures, audio recordings & video recorded from that night.
  • After reviewing all the footage and finding only an orb photo, we do not believe we collected any evidence to conclusively determine any paranormal activity.