SMP Event:
  • Private Residence: Harundale, MD 21060
  • Case#: 20070929HaMD
Date and Time:
  • 29-Sep-2007
  • 9:00pm - 2:00am
Members in Attendance:
  • Chris, Don, Lisa, Melody, Steve
  • K-II provided by 'Amanda'
  • 5 Digital Audio Recorders
    • 2 Olympus VN-480pc
    • 3 Olympus WS-100
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz laptop Recording Video via
    • ConvertX
    • 1 Sony Handycam Hi8 w/ nightshot
  • 1 4-channel DVR surveillance system w/
    • 290GB Storage system
    • 17" Flat panel LCD display
    • 2 - 0-Lux IR 420-line 1/3" CCD CCTV Cameras
    • 2 - 0-Lux IR 480-line 1/3" CCD CCTV Cameras
  • 1 Cellsensor EMF Detectors
  • 2 Extech Digital EMF Meters
  • 1 TriField Natural EMF Meter
  • 1 Omega Thermocouple Digital Thermometer inc.
    • Type 'T' Thermocouple Air probe on
    • 18" probe wand
  • 1 Omega Hygrometer w/ Thermometer and Dew Point meter
  • 1 Panasonic Kodak Easyshare Z650 6.0MP Digital Camera
  • 2 Tripods
  • 1 Clock/Thermometer/Hygrometer Base device
  • 2 Rayovac Headlamps
  • 4 - 2-Way, 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, 8-Mile Radios w/ license
Atmospheric Conditions:
  • Exterior Weather Conditions:

    • Skies: Clear to partly cloudy
    • Wind: N-NW calm to 3.6mph

    Time: Temperature: Dew Point: Humidity: Pressure
    7:54pm 66.0F 46.0F 48% 30.36 ↑in
    8:54pm 62.1F 46.9F 58% 30.37 ↑in
    9.54pm 60.1F 48.0F 64% 30.38 ↑in
    10:54pm 57.9F 48.0F 70% 30.40 ↑in
    11:54pm 55.0F 48.0F 77% 30.40 ↑in
    12:54am 54.0F 48.0F 80% 30.40 -in
    1:54am 53.1F 48.0F 83% 30.42 ↑in
    2:54am 48.0F 46.0F 93% 30.42 -in
    3:54am 51.1F 46.9F 86% 30.42 -in
Baseline Readings in the Home:
    Location: Hi Temp: Low Temp: EMF: Humidity:
    Dining Room 73.3F 73.1F .00 - .23 48.7%
    Kitchen 73.5F -- F .04 - .48 48.6%
    Hallway (by kitchen) 73.8F -- F .14 49.1%
    Hallway (at bathroom) 73.7F -- F .15 - .18 N/A
    Bathroom 79.3F -- F .05 49.3%
    Hallway (at linen closet) 72.4F -- F .03 - .06 46.8%
    Girl's Bedroom 73.3F -- F .01 - .05 48.6%
    Master Bedroom 70.4F 72.1F .00 - .25 47%
    Dylan's Bedroom 70.0F -- F .01-2.5 (2.5 was at the PC) 47.1%
    Hall Utility Closet N/A N/A .05 - 4.0 (4.0 was at the panel box) N/A
    Hallway (by utility closet) N/A N/A .05 - .08 N/A
    Living Room (at the TV) N/A N/A .00 - .03 N/A
    Living Room (at front wall) 73.2F -- F .04 - .14 N/A
Reported Activity:
  • Clients names being called
  • Music box heard while vacuuming
  • 'Heaviness' felt in bathroom
  • Temperature drop after a hot shower followed immediately by a bathrobe swinging
  • Shadows seen in hallway
  • Little girl seen wearing a long white gown with a high rim collar and with long pigtails
  • Bed was once made by itself
  • Doorknob was witnessed being turned and door opened by nothing at all
  • Yellow orb seen hovering in living room
  • Pots and pans hanging in kitchen heard moving around
  • Dogs occasionally stare at closet at end of hallway and also growl for no reason
  • Candle heard being knocked off of table
  • Closet door slams on its own
  • A short person was seen walking by a pantry door
  • A small grayish mass seen behind client while looking into bathroom mirror
  • Lights in kitchen turn on and off on their own at times
  • Client felt something brush over her face while sleeping
Investigation Photos:
  • The master bedoom
  • Chris checking his Trifield in master bedroom
  • The hallway with activity reported at the end
  • The bathroom
  • A small bedroom
Investigation Summary:
    On the evening of September 29th, Southern Maryland Paranormal investigated a private residence in Harundale, Maryland. Shortly after 8:00pm, we arrived at the location and met with our clients. Don took some time to discuss the investigation schedule with the homeowners. They were great in allowing us to do what we needed to do to get the house ready for the investigation.

    We started investigating at approximately 9:00pm. Lisa and Chris were the first to enter the house. Steve, Don & Melody monitored their progress from home-base located outside. Steve entered & assisted Lisa and Chris in getting a 'feel' for the house as well as getting some baseline readings. After approximately 45 minutes, they exited the house and reported nothing out of the ordinary. Some noises were heard but they were attributed to the house creaking in association with the drop in temperature outside.

    Don and Melody entered the house with one of the clients to begin the investigation. The client recently purchased one of the controversial K-II meters. We took the opportunity to test it along with our meters. During this time, Don noted that there were moments when the K-II did seem to react along with the questions that were being asked. It was too early to discern at that time, however, whether or not the reaction was a response to questions being asked, or just merely coincidence.

    After approximately 30-45 minutes, another of the clients was asked to enter the house to assist with EVP work. During this time, we noticed some very interesting correlations between the reactions of the K-II meter and tri-field meter. There were moments when they seemed to be working almost in unison while the Extech EMF meter was almost unresponsive. It was agreed that further testing would be needed before we can claim that this meter activity was paranormal.

    The activity of the K-II meter being questionable at best, and no other activity to report, we agreed to end the investigation at approximately 1:45a.m. Our clients were great and very helpful during both set up and tear down. We are very appreciative of their hospitality. Following the investigation, we were eager to get into the footage and see if we could piece together any clues from the night.

Personal Experiences:
  • Chris - " I enjoyed being able to experiment with the KII meter. I really would like to look into it further "

  • Don - " Our clients were great and I was happy that we could get them involved in the investigation towards the end. I'm thankful for being able to experiment with the KII meter on this investigation and look forward to learning more about what actually makes it tick. "

  • Melody - " I dont really know what I felt it just felt strange in that room. But like I said I dont know if it was my nerves or really something. I would like to go back and try to debunk what happened in the room that night. Out of the whole room the master bedroom was the only place I felt strange in so I dont think it was my nerves. "

  • Steve - " Being our first investigation with a K-II present, made for and interesting night. Although I am still skeptical of the possibility of a K-II meter being 'able to communicate directly with the other side', it leaves even more interest to test the viability of its use and the correlation to a possible paranormal presence. "

  • All video and audio footage has been thoroughly reviewed.

  • We did not collect any footage that can support evidence of the paranormal.
    • UPDATE: After speaking with the homeowners, we learned of some other activity. A candle was thrown from an end table to the floor. After inspecting the table and learning that this spot is a favorite travel route for the family pet, it is possible that the candle may have been knocked to the floor by legitimate means.

  • We will continue to communicate with the family and assist if anything else comes up.