SMP Event(Coordinated):
  • Eden Mill: Pylesville, MD 21132
  • MPRS & SMP Coordinated Investigation
Date & Time:
  • October 14, 2006
  • 7:00pm - 12:00am
Members in Attendance:
  • Brian, Desirae, Laura, Mike, Rodney & Steve
  • 1 - Sony Hi-8 Camcorder w/ Nightshot
  • 1 - Panasonic Hi-8 Camcorder w/o Nightshot
  • 2 - Tripods
  • 1 - Infrared Light Emitter
  • 2 - Olympus 8-hour Digital Voice Recorders
  • 1 - Wireless IR Camera w/ wireless receiver
  • 1 - VCR/Monitor combo recording from wireless receiver
  • 2 - Headlamps w/ Red, White & Blue bulbs
  • 2 - Mini-mag flashlights
  • 2 - XPower battery 110v power supplies
Weather Conditions:
  • Clear
  • WNW Winds: 9-14mph, gusting to 25
 Time:  Felt Like:  Dew Point:  Humidity:  Pressure:
 7:45pm  48.2ºF  30.2ºF  50%  29.95"
 9:45pm  41.0ºF  33.8ºF  76%  29.98"

History of the Property:
    Today the history is preserved as a museum which has working exhibits, a great deal of information and original machinery.

    Eden Mill, located in Northern Harford County is a historic landmark that has 200 years of history as a social and meeting place for the residents. People would regularly travel for miles just to spend a day at the mill with their families. Its demise came when a new law was passed which stated that mills that produced feed for the livestock could not also mill grain for humans. This unfortunately caused the mill to close.

    Built in 1805 by Elijah Stansbury, Eden Mill was named after a local priest, Father Eden. Martseller & Van Sant took ownership in the late 1800's. In 1905 Frank Wolfe bought the mill and added a steam powered saw mill. Fire destoyed the mill in 1908 rebuilt. It has not changed since. Marshall Stokes purchased the in 1910 and ran it for 7 years.

    The mill was converted into a hydroelectric plant by Fawn Grove Light and Power in 1917. The mill generated electricity for Fawn Grove and New Park Pennsylvania in 1921. In 1927 the power plant was closed, and James T. Smith bought the mill. The mill continued in operation grinding feed until 1964. in 1964 Harford County Parks and Rec bought the mill and 57 acres.

Stories of Haunting:
  • Most experiences occur to individuals at night, not a regular pattern
  • Most significant occurrences happen when major renovation or construction begins
  • An Individual was working late one night on the third floor. He heard, loudly and clearly, children giggling and playing on the first floor, to the point that he went over to the stairway and called, "I'll be right down." He went to the first floor but found no one there and the doors locked
  • A woman dressed in old-time clothing has been seen wandering in the woods outside the mill
  • A very heavy scale is known to have moved across the room on the first floor
  • Many people have reported objects being moved including hammers and other tools that leave common areas and turn up in bizarre locations
  • Lights turn on stay on. One night and individual from the mill left and turned off the lights. She got into her car and looked up and the third floor lights turned on
  • People experience feelings of foreboding
  • Loud 'indian' drums can be heard playing in the distance
Meeting and Tour:
  • Desirae, Laura, Rodney, Brian and Steve met at Delta Pizza before heading over to the mill. Upon entering, a short lesson was given to the group with a tour of the mill. While the equipment was being set up Desirae & Mike conducted interviews with three of the volunteers.

  • One story that was told by a volunteer was that at one time when they were carrying toolboxes into the mill, he went to close the door, they came back and the toolbox was gone. The gentleman found them on the second floor.

  • Another time, one of the gentlemen was replacing a section of flooring. He placed his hammer next to him while he cut the next board. When he looked up the hammer was gone. Upon searching for it he found it on the other side of the mill, but on the same floor. Sounds of doors slamming open and closed, the sounds of footsteps and children laughing are some of the other experiences people have had there.

  • The interviews seem to corroborate the local lore of the mill.

  • A working display of how a mill works

  • Some of the original hydroelectric equipment

  • Some Original Equipment
  • Some of the original belts and wheels of the original grist mill

  • The Investigation:
    • When all of the equipment was set up, an EMR sweep was done of the building with a baseline of 0.1-0.4. There were no changes in EMR readings through the night. Some of the equipment used was video cameras with night vision, audio recorders, gauss meter, etc. The lights were then turned off and the real investigation began. Desirae and Steve ventured to the second floor to try to capture some EVP recordings. They were asking questions but were unable to determine if what they heard was paranormal because there was some other noise from investigators on the third floor. Following this, both teams switched places but experienced nothing out of the ordinary.

    • One Hi-8 camcorder (w/o nightshot) recorded the entrance of the mill in a fully lit section of the mill, the guest shop.

    • Sony Hi-8 camcorder (w/ nightshot) recorded the first floor observing the heavy scale that has been known to move on its own.

    • Wireless IR cam was placed on the second floor, facing the area suspected to have be the area of the brother's death.

    • Digital Voice recorders we placed on
    • Third floor to observe the "children laughing"
    • Second floor looking for activity of the brother that was killed in the machinery
    • First floor to observe the potential of "objects being moved"

    • We placed a tool on the first floor in front of the IR camera to observe possible relocation

    • We staged the scale in a manner that we would record any unusual movement

    • We tested the light switch on the second floor for any irregularities that might cause the switch to turn on my itself.

  • The Investigation ongoing

  • The Investigator crew themselves

  • The Investigation:
      That night, we tested many of the stories that had been told. We staged a toolbox, an individual tool & the scale. Nothing moved. We tested the light switch on the second floor, and it seemed normal. The switch did not have an unusual observable nuances. It was a normal, working light switch. It was not worn abnormally. It did not 'catch' or 'hang' when flipped. It was not loose or otherwise old.

      On thing that did occur, is that while we were setting up, the other team was working on the second floor, doing baseline recordings and setting up gear. During their visit, a working floresent light bulb fell from its light-kit and shattered on the floor. We are still unsure as of any it did this. We cannot say for sure that it was paranormal in nature. As of now, we are calling it an 'equipment malfunction.'

    Interesting Photo
  • This is an interesting photo. We are not 100% positive of the anomaly, however that evening was chilly and is more than likely the photographer's breath.

  • More Information?
    • If you would like more information on Eden Mill Museum & Nature Center, please visit their site