SMP Event:
  • Dr. Samuel Mudd Home Investigation
  • First-ever sanctioned paranormal investigation
Date and Time:
  • 9-Dec-2006
  • 7:30pm - 12:00 midnight
Members in Attendance:
  • Brian, Don, Kathy, Lance, Rob, Steve
  • 5 Digital Audio Recorders
    • 2 Olumpus VN-480pc
    • 3 Olympus WS-100
  • 1 Toshiba 2.0GHz laptop Recording Audio
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz laptop Recording Audio via
    • 2 Wireless Audio Receivers
  • 2 Sony Handycam Hi8s w/ nightshot
  • 1 IR Light emitters
  • 1 4-channel DVR surveillance system w/
    • 290GB Storage system
    • 17" Flat panel LCD display
    • 4 - 0-Lux IR 1/3" CCD CCTV Cameras
  • 2 Cellsensor EMF Detectors
  • 1 Omega Thermocouple Digital Thermometer inc.
    • Type 'T' Thermocouple Air probe on
    • 3' probe handle
  • 1 Omega Hygrometer w/ Thermometer and Dew Point meter
  • 1 Panasonic Lumix 6.0MP Digital Camera
  • 2 Tripods
  • 1 Clock/Thermometer/Hygrometer Base device
  • 2 Maglight AA Lights
  • 2 Rayovac Headlamps
  • 4 - 2-Way, 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, 8-Mile Radios w/ license
Weather Conditions:
  • at 7:55pm
    • Clear Sky
    • South Winds (8.1mph)
    • Near Waning Gibbous Moon

    Outside Atmospheric Record
    Time: Temperature Dew Point Humidity Pressure
    7:55pm 30.6ºF 12.2ºF 47% 30.45in
    8:55pm 32.4ºF 10.9ºF 41% 30.44in
    9:55pm 30.9ºF 11.7ºF 45% 30.43
    10:55pm 30.4ºF 12.0ºF 47% 30.43
    11:55pm 30.9ºF 10.9ºF 43% 30.43

History of the Property:
  • The Mudd Family:
    • Dr. Samuel Mudd
    • Mrs. Sarah Frances Mudd

  • Their 9 Children:
    • Nettie Mudd
    • Henry Mudd
      • Died at the house, 8-months
    • Samuel Mudd II
      • Died at 21-years
      • Last to be laid out in the parlor
    • Andrew Mudd
      • Died at 22-years
      • Drug by horse
    • Rose de Lima Mudd
    • Stella Marie Mudd
      • Became a nun
    • Lillian Mudd
    • Edward Mudd
    • Thomas Mudd

    Dr. Mudd was a well known doctor in Charles County. He unfortunately became even more well known after the asassination of President Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. On the evening that President Lincoln was killed, a man knocked on the door of Dr. Mudd's home, awakening him in the middle of the night. It turns out that this man was Mr. Harold; John Wilkes Booth's co-conspirator. John Wilkes Booth had been injured and was in need of medical attention. John Wilkes Booth had suffered a broken leg after his jump from the balcony at Ford's Theater. Booth was laid on the settee in the parlor of Dr. Mudd's home while the doctor examined and treated his injuries. The doctor offered the use of the guest room on the second floor to Booth and Harold so that Booth could rest. The following day officials appeared at the door of the Mudd home in search of Booth. It was discovered that Booth and Harold had left suddenly early in the morning down a path towards the swamp behind the Mudd home. Officials then found a boot that had been left by Booth with the name "J.W. Booth" inscribed inside which led to Dr. Mudd being accused as part of the conspiracy to murder Lincoln.

    Dr. Mudd's home has now been turned into a Museum where visitors can learn about the life of the doctor who treated the leg of John Wilkes Booth in 1865. The granddaughter of Dr. Mudd, Louise Arehart is responsible of the restoration of his home. She felt motivated to restore the home because of the reported visits from the ghost of Dr. Mudd. She began hearing knocking at her front door and when she answered it no one would be there. She heard footsteps walking up stairs when no one was at home. She began to catch glimpses of a man dressed in black pants, vest and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up. Louise realized that this was her great grandfather visiting her. The home of Dr. Mudd was falling into disrepair and she felt that he had come back to get her to save his home. She began writing her local Congressman and looking for help to save the historic home. The home is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    • The Dr. Samuel Mudd Home
Reported Activity:
  • Footsteps on the level above when no one is there
  • Footsteps on the stairs when no one is there
  • Uneasy feelings in certain rooms
  • A Doll in the nursery has been known to 'fly' out of its chair and move behind the Christmas Tree
  • In Booth's Room, occasionally an impression can been seen in the bed as if someone were laying in it.
  • Also, in Booth's room, coughing can somtimes be heard
  • The door to the attic once flew open and a strong gust of wind blew through the hall.
  • The caretaker has seen Ms. Mudd looking out through a window in the home. He will not venture through the home at night anymore.
Inside the Dr. Mudd Home:
  • Once a detached kitchen, the house was expanded to later attach the kitchen to the home.

  • From the gift shop, we enter the dining room.

The Investigation:
Footage of Interest:
  • These are some photos taken on the escape route that Booth may have taken. We know these are false positives. They are attributed to an individual's breath on a cold night.

Personal Experiences:
  • Damon - "I had a good time investigating the Mudd House. It's a nice place of history that I got to learn more about, and our hosts were quite kind."

  • Kathy - "To me personally, the energy in Mudd's bedroom felt different than that of the attic. Though this could be attributed to the room being a much smaller space than that of the attic, as well as my own energy having now calmed down from our adventurous walk outside immediately prior to the quiet time in the attic."

  • Lisa - "When walking into the kitchen, I didn't get creeped out, but I felt comfortable. It had a sweet baking smell to it. I instantly decided I wanted to place my EVP recorder in there."

  • Steve - "When I arrived at the bottom of the stairs, (Brian) looked at me and asked, 'Did you move this table?' One end of the 3' table had been moved 12" away from the wall and a piece of foliage decoration had fallen on the floor. 'Nope.' I responded. He asked if anyone else had. He talked to all team members and no one had."

  • Video: Recorded video footage yielded no evidence.

  • Photos: Photographs show evidence of mists and atmospheric contaminent reflections. However nothing can be confirmed as paranormal as of yet.

  • We've reviewed all photos, video and audio recordings. Nothing we recorded can be considered definitively "paranormal."

More Information: