SMP Event:
  • Dr. Samuel Mudd Home Second Investigation
  • Second sanctioned paranormal investigation
Date and Time:
  • 3-Feb & 4-Feb 2007
  • 9:00pm - 2:30am
Members in Attendance:
  • Brian, Don, Kathy, Lance, Rob, Steve
  • 5 Digital Audio Recorders
    • 2 Olumpus VN-480pc
    • 3 Olympus WS-100
  • 1 Toshiba 2.0GHz laptop Recording Audio
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz laptop Recording Audio via
    • 2 Wireless Audio Receivers
  • 2 Sony Handycam Hi8s w/ nightshot
  • 1 IR Light emitters
  • 1 4-channel DVR surveillance system w/
    • 290GB Storage system
    • 17" Flat panel LCD display
    • 4 - 0-Lux IR 1/3" CCD CCTV Cameras
  • 2 Cellsensor EMF Detectors
  • 1 Omega Thermocouple Digital Thermometer inc.
    • Type 'T' Thermocouple Air probe on
    • 3' probe handle
  • 1 Omega Hygrometer w/ Thermometer and Dew Point meter
  • 1 Panasonic Lumix 6.0MP Digital Camera
  • 2 Tripods
  • 1 Clock/Thermometer/Hygrometer Base device
  • 2 Maglight AA Lights
  • 2 Rayovac Headlamps
  • 4 - 2-Way, 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, 8-Mile Radios w/ license
Weather Conditions:
  • Clear
  • Wind: S-Sw 4.6 to 10.4mph

     Time:  Temperature:  Dew Point:  Humidity:  Pressure:
     8:55pm  27.7F  9.9F  47%  30.04
     9:55pm  30.9F  7.9F  38%  30.05 ↑
     10:55pm  30.9F  7.0F  37%  30.06 ↑
     11:55pm  29.5F  6.4F  38%  30.08 ↑
     12:55am  29.3F  7.2F  39%  30.10 ↑
     1:55am  28.6F  7.5F  41%  30.11 ↑
Baseline Readings in the House:
     Location:  Hi Temp:  Low Temp:  EMF:  Humidity:  Dew Point:
     Dining Room  54-60F  50-57F  Flat  43.8%  36.1F
     Mudd Bedroom  58-63F  53-57F  Flat  39.7%  34.1F
     Living Room  54-60F  51-55F  Flat  39.2%  34.1F
     Parlor  54-58F  51-56F  Flat  43.1%  36.5F
     Doctor's Office  62-64F  61-64F  Flat  40.0%  37.7F
     Booth Room  64-68F  62-66F  Flat  43.8%  41.7F
     Children's Room  64-72F  62-63F  Flat  43.8%  41.7F
     Attic Stairs  59-61F  N/A  Flat  37.3%  34.1F
     Attic  61-62F  54-57F  Flat  40.0%  40.4F
  • The team at various stages of setup...

  • The investigation is underway...

  • Interesting mirror photos...

Personal Experiences:
  • Brian - "I think this was our best investigation yet. The team is really coming along nicely."

  • Don - "I should note an odd moment I had as I was setting up a Hi-8 camera in the Booth room on the second floor. I started noticing the smell of perfume. It was very faint. Kathy was out in the hallway taking pictures and I thought at first that maybe it was her. I asked her if she had perfume on and she said no but she did have some lotion on. I smelled her hands but it wasn't like the smell I was getting in the Booth room."

  • Kathy - "I mentioned, out loud, that I had a sudden odd feeling while standing by the fireplace. It was hard to put into words, but a definite feeling in my solar plexis area, almost like pressure. Lance and I also heard two tapping sounds, or knocking sounds above the cabinet in the kitchen."

  • Rob - "I am not really a sensitive as it has been defined to me, but I had a strange feeling on the upstairs landing nearing the window, like someone was there just out of sight. I wrote it down and continued on with the walkthrough and had a similar feeling in the kitchen, it struck me as strange that I 'felt' something as I felt nothing at all the last time we were there."

  • Steve - "We worked well as a team and the trainees picked up some good experience. There is much evidence to review and much data to collaborate. All in all the night was a success in the investigation alone. The setup and breakdown was thorough and concise. The team was indeed a team and I was happy to see us work so well."

  • We have captured an audio clip (EVP) that we cannot explain. We have attempted to isolate the source.
    • We are taking the clip to audio specialists and linguists to verify origin and detail

      • After careful review, we cannot consider this piece of unexplained sound definitively. We were unable to account for the whereabouts of ALL individuals at the time of this recording. This being said, we cannot consider this as proof of anything.

  • Interesting comparisons... The mirror, compared.

  • What is interesting here, is that Photo #1 above, was taken by a member of SMP. It was taken at the time of this investigation. It is the original, unaltered photo.

  • Photo #2, to the right of it, is a photo from another group in Southern Maryland. It is of the same mirror. Pareidolia plays a BIG part in this photo. Firstly, you can clearly see the outline of the photographer, female, with long hair. Secondly, the aged silvering in the back of mirror, shows splotching and streaking in the mirror itself. Yes, there is the appearance of another "face" in the image. However, with all that is happening in the photo, how can we differentiate any ONE image in this photo? This photo was captured from another site. On their site, this is a MAIN photo without any additional supporting information, documentation or photos...