SMP Event:
  • Point Lookout Lighthouse
  • First park-approved paranormal investigation
Date & Time:
  • July 15 & 16, 2006
  • 10:00pm - 2:00am
Members in Attendance:
  • Brian, Buzz , Jason, Keri, Kim, Lisa, Steve and Teresa
  • Tour Guides: Robert Hall and Justin
  • Sony Hi-8 Nightshot
  • Taurus IR security cam w/ single channel DVR
  • Olympus digital audio recorder w/ external microphone
  • iRock digital audio recorder w/ external microphone
  • Minolta 7000 SLR w/BW 800 ISO
  • Kodak DX7590 digital camera
  • Audio devices (Kim)
  • Cameras (Kim)
  • Night vision scope (Kim)
Weather Conditions:
Time: Temperature: Dew Point: Humidity: Pressure
9:52pm 78.1ºF 73.9ºF 87% 29.93 in
10:52pm 77ºF 73.9ºF 90% 29.94 in
12:52am 77ºF 75ºF 94% 29.94 in
1:52am 77ºF 73.9ºF 90% 29.94 in

History of the Property:
    Point Lookout Lighthouse came into existence in 1830 as a one and a half story building. A second story was added in 1883 and it became a duplex to house another keeper and his family to share the duties of keeping the light. During the time where there were regular lighthouse keepers, there was no automated alarm systems to alert if the light went out. There was also no mechanical means for ringing the bells, so if the weather was foggy the family members had to take turns sounding the bells constantly. There were many lighthouse keepers that were killed on duty. One of the apparitions seen is the first lighthouse keeper's wife, Ann Davis. She has been seen standing at the top of the stairwell wearing a white blouse and a dark blue skirt. The light was acitve for more than 135 years until the Navy purchased it in 1965. An automated light was then placed in, and it remained tenanted until 1981.

    It also served as one of the two largest Confederate solider prison camps in the country. Thousands of soliders died there from disease, exposure to the elements, and many prisoners died inside of a large crude fence with only tents as shelters. Some of these prisoners had been moved 2 and 3 times after they had died before they were finally put to rest permanently. A common monument now is used to mark the area, bearing the names of those who passed. Some people have seen a male solider apparition guarding the steps of the lighthouse. There have also been chilly air and a smelly odor reported in different rooms of the lighthouse. Twenty-four different ghostly voices have been heard by the people who have lived there and visited over time.

    In 2002, the lighthouse was purchased by the state of Maryland and a major restoration project is under-way to turn the lighthouse into a public museum.
Personal Experiences:
  • Kim - "After this we went silent again and the room started to become darker and darker. I leaned close to Justin asking him if he was experiencing the room become darker also, which he did. After leaning back I realized my silhouette had disappeared from the opposite this point I started to hear noises from the top of the stairway. I had the feeling we were being watched and that someone was at the top of the stairs looking down."

  • Keri - "I felt like the energy (in the attic) was right in my face, thick and heavy. It gave me goosebumps. I don't think it wanted me there at all. I told Lisa how I felt, and she wanted to see the attic so I moved to where she could get the same view I had. She said that it feels cold up here, but the temperature was still in the high 80's. So what she felt didn't register on the temperature gauge. I just wanted to get away fro that spot, so I ventured back downstairs."

  • Jason - "Next Steve and I headed down into the basement for our stakeout, I can't remember which side it was on, the side with the boiler. Down there we both had the feeling as if the air was becoming harder to breathe and very dense. Just as we were going to leave, something brushed or flew over the tops of my legs."