SMP Event:
  • Historic Landmark: Point Lookout Lighthouse
  • Second approved paranormal investigation
  • Case#: 20070324-PtLO
Date & Time:
  • March 24 & 25, 2007
  • 10:00pm - 2:00am
Members in Attendance:
  • Damon, Don, Kathy, Lance, Rob & Steve
  • Special Investigators: Chris & Nathan of ECPR
  • Tour Guide: Kim
  • 7 Digital Audio Recorders
    • 2 Olympus VN-480pc
    • 1 Olympus VN-480
    • 1 Olympus VN-2100
    • 3 Olympus WS-100
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz laptop Recording Video via
    • 'ConvertX' Digital Media Converter &
    • 0-Lux Wireless CMOS CCTV IR Video Camera w/ cables
  • 1 Toshiba 2.0GHz Celeron-M Laptop Recording Audio *
  • 1 IBM 2.4GHz Pentium 4-M Laptop Recording Audio *
  • 1 Dell 1.83GHz Core Duo Laptop Recording Audio * via*
    • 3 Wireless Audio Receivers
  • 3 Sony Handycam Hi8 camcorders w/ nightshot
  • 2 Custom IR Floodlight Emitters
  • 1 4-channel DVR surveillance system w/
    • 290GB External USB Storage drive
    • 17" NEC 16ms Flat panel LCD display
    • 4 - 0-Lux IR 1/3" CCD CCTV 6mm 420-line Cameras
  • 2 Extech 1-axis Digital EMR Detectors
  • 2 Cellsensor EMR Detectors
  • 1 Omega Thermocouple Digital Thermometer inc.
    • Type 'T' Thermocouple Air probe on
    • 3' wand probe
  • 1 Omega Hygrometer w/ Thermometer and Dew Point meter
  • 1 Panasonic Lumix 6.0MP Digital Camera
  • 3 Tripods
  • 1 Clock/Thermometer/Hygrometer Base monitor
  • 2 Maglight AA Flashlights
  • 2 Rayovac Headlamps
  • 2 - 2-Way, Cobra 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, Kenwood 2-Mile Radios
  • 2 - 2-Way, Motorola 8-Mile Radios w/ license
Atmospheric Conditions:
  • Exterior Weather Conditions:

    Time: Temperature: Dew Point: Humidity: Pressure
    9:53pm 52.0F 46.9F 83.0% 30.19 in
    10:53pm 52.0F 46.9F 83.0% 30.20 in
    10:53pm 52.0F 46.9F 83.0% 30.19 in
    12:53am 53.1F 48.0F 83.0% 30.22 in
    1:53am 51.1F 48.0F 89.0% 30.22 in
    2:14am 48.2F 46.4F 93.0% 30.23 in

  • Interior Conditions:

    Location: Temperature: EMR:
    Bottom of Stairs 52.0F .00
    Doorway between rooms 51.0F .00
    Just inside room 51.0F .00
    Stairs to outside 51.0F .00
    Hi8 Camera 51.0F .00
    Crawlspace 51.0F .00
    North Crawlspace Floor 50.0F .00
    South Crawlspace Floor 48.8F .00
    Lighthouse Equipment 51.0F .01

    1st Floor
    Location: Hi/Low Temp: Hi/Low Humidity: Hi/Low Dew Point: Hi/Low EMR:
    N. Dining Room 56.2F/55.8F 86.2%/61.6% 60.6F/60.3F .03-.02/.08
    N. Living Room 56.2F/55.8F 63.1%/60.3% 60.2F/60.1F .01-.02/.01-.02
    S. Living Room 56.4F/55.5F 64.6%/63.9% 63.3F/58.3F .01-.02/.01-.02
    S. Dining Room 56.9F/56.6F 63.6%/63.4% 58.1F/58.1F .01/.01
    S. Kitchen 57.3F/57.1F 64.3%/65.5% 58.1F/58.1F .00-.01/.00-.05

    2nd Floor
    Location: Hi/Low Temp: Hi/Low Humidity: Hi/Low Dew Point: Hi/Low EMR:
    S. Study 58.7F/57.2F 70.7%/69.5% 58.8F/59.3F .00/.01
    S. Bathroom 58.6F/59.1F 68.7%/63.8% 59.7F/59.7F .00/.00
    S. Nursery 58.7F/58.6F 68.3%/66.6% 60.8F/60.8F .00/.00
    N. Study 58.1F/57.8F 64.8%/60.4% 60.9F/60.9F .03/.03
    N. Bathroom 58.0F/57.9F 61.7%/59.2% 60.6F/60.9F .03/.03
    N. Nursery 58.2F/58.4F 60.9%/61.2% 60.6F/60.6F .01/.01
    N. Bedroom 58.9F/58.7F 62.1%/59.2% 60.6F/60.8F .00/.02

Investigation Report:

On the evening of March 24th, 2007 from 10pm until 2am, Southern Maryland Paranormal reserved the lighthouse for an evening investigation. The evening was cool and crisp and the team ventured first to the Confederate Monument. Many of the investigators noted that there was a spiritual feeling to the area, especially since it was dark.

When it was time to go to the lighthouse, they were greeted by their host for the evening and some of the members assisted in unloading the equipment from the vehicles. Then, a short tour of the lighthouse was started by the host with more than half of the team. The other members of the team remained behind to set up the DVR equipment, wireless audio with their respective laptops and began running cable for the cameras. After concluding the tour, Kathy, Lance and Nathan began to collect baseline data with the thermocouple thermometer, hygrometer and EMR meter. Meanwhile, Don, Damon and Chris finished setting up the cameras and putting the stationary audio recorders in place. Because the setup of equipment moved so efficiently, Don, Damon and Chris were sent to the basement to help take some baseline readings.

When the investigation started, Kathy and Nathan went to the 2nd floor, Damon and Chris went to the 1st floor, Lance and Don went to the basement while Steve and Rob remained at home-base. After an hour, the investigators were called back at home-base to give some quick feedback. The teams were reformed. Kathy, Nathan and Lance went to the cupola while Chris, Don and Damon went to the north living room on the 1st floor. Near the end of the evening, Kathy and Lance relieved Rob and Steve at home-base and they went with Nathan to the 2nd floor. Don and Chris came back from the cupola to watch over home-base while Damon and Kathy went back to the basement for a short time. The breakdown of equipment occurred at the end of the evening, which went flawlessly and efficiently.

Minus a few equipment malfunctions which cannot be explained using traditional logic, none of the investigators experienced anything out of the ordinary. Wed also like to thank Nathan and Chris of ECPR for joining SMP on this investigation. Their professionalism and effectiveness show them to be excellent investigators. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

  • These are photos from that night's investigation.

    Steve setting up DVR system Don running and dressing cables

    Steve setting up DVR system Chris and Kathy preparing for the baseline

    Kathy and Nate doing baseline readings Nate, Kathy & Damon doing baseline readings

    Kathy, Chris, Nate & Damon doing baseline readings Dude, RUN!

    Team finds an anomaly during the baseline sweep The dirt shadow of an old rug

    Rear of the lighthouse during investigation Rob, Kathy & Don discussing the energy of the night

    Water stain the shower resembles human form Equipment breakdown after
Testing the footage:
  • According to the Point Lookout website and an account by Ms. Laura Berg:
      "This window has no electric outlet and is only accessible by a ladder."
    • (The image in the window has been blown up in the inset, lower left hand corner of the picture. A larger image of the blown-up section appears in the next picture).

    'Lamp in the window' legend original 'Lamp in the window' outside

    Chris testing the 'Lamp, ladder' story 'Lamp in window' outside

    'Lamp in window' outside, another angle 'Lamp in window' outside, yet another angle
    As you can see above, a ladder is not really needed to place a lamp comfortably on the ledge to the window. Chris shows us a ladder is not necessary to reach that window sill. As for the idea of needing electricity, have you ever seen a beautiful item that once served a purpose, but is now only for decoration, for show?
Personal Experiences:
  • Chris: "At this point, we broke into teams to start the investigation. I was paired up with Damon on the main level. Walking through the main level, we noticed sound was easily carried through the building and certainly would hamper the investigation."

  • Damon: "While we didnt find anything out of the ordinary, (the basement) just felt like a completely different environment from the rest of the house. I encouraged Kathy to look around down there, accompanying her on my second basement excursion, but she mentioned she didnt sense anything, though she did find the area as interesting as I did."

  • Don: "As the 2nd team made their way down from the 2nd floor at this point we decided to go up to the 2nd floor for ourselves. Someone suggested we head up to the copula to check out the view. So up we went. It was amazing to see how it looked at night. For me this was the highlight of the evening."

  • Kathy: "According to the indicators on the recorder, it was indicating that the memory was full, though it had not been running long enough to actually reach the maximum memory. This was noticed right as the investigation had begun. When checking the recorder later after the investigation, I found that I had only been able to record approximately 50 minutes while inside the lighthouse, pretty much all of the baseline and then ending prior to the investigation. This was an interesting note, as I have used the same recorder on several other investigations, with the same settings, and have successfully recorded approximately 4-1/2 hours of the investigation with no problems. Additionally, new batteries were inserted prior to the investigation."

  • Nathan: "Next we moved on to the south side living room where we encountered a strange equipment anomaly. The temperature/hygrometer that Kathy was using for baseline readings kept fluctuating humidity in the center of the room, ranging anywhere from 58% up to 72%, sometimes jumping 6 to 7% at a time. The meter preformed flawlessly around the perimeter of the room, as did the rest of the lighthouse."

  • Rob: "We moved upstairs and I got that strange feeling in the North living room. It felt as if something was moving past me through the opening in the wall. Steve and Nate humored me, and we sat for a bit in the room, but it was gone almost as soon as we got in there. We moved through the north side apartment trying to catch it but it moved somewhere else."

  • 24-Jun-2007: All photos, video and audio have been reviewed.

  • The acoustics in the lighthouse are bad. Any noise made throughout the building can be heard anywhere within the lighthouse. The average team attempting EVP work must be absolutely silent to avoid audible cross contamination.

  • The dust in this structure is absurd. The interior of the lighthouse is terrible. Dust, dirt, paint chips and other contaminants are easily stirred up and can appear as 'orbs' in both photo and video footage.

  • Conclusion: Proper preparation to avoid such obstacles is necessary before anyone can claim the lighthouse as haunted. There are too many potential issues to taint any footage gathered.

  • Haunted or not haunted: We cannot logically make such a determination.

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