SMP Event:
  • St. Mary's County Historical Jailhouse
  • First approved paranormal investigation
Date & Time:
  • November 4, 2006
  • 8pm - 11:00pm
Members in Attendance:
  • Brian, Kathy, Lisa, Steve
  • 1 Hi-8 Video Recorder
  • 2 Digital Cameras
  • 3 Digital Recorders
  • 1 EMF Meter
  • 2 2-way radios
  • flashlights
  • headlamps
Weather Conditions:
     Time:  Felt Like  Dew Point  Humidity  Pressure
    8:00pm - Outside 35ºF  TempºF  Humidity  Pressure ↑
    Sunset at 8:37pm
     Time  TempºF  TempºF  Humidity  Pressure →
    8:00pm - Inside 61ºF  TempºF  Humidity  Pressure ↑
History of the Property:
    In 1856, $1500 was set aside for the building of a suitable county jail in Leonardtown. The funds proved to be insufficient and another $3000 was given for the same purpose in 1858. The jail was built on the Court House lawn on granite blocks and still stands solidly today as the Old Jail Museum.

    The building started as a one story structure which contained two cells and a hallway. A second story was added later and the first floor became the living quarters of the jailer and his family. The first floor contained a living room, dining room and kitchen on the south side, while the bedroom was located on the north side. The second floor contained three cells: the Commoner's cell, the Gentlemen's cell and a small one used for women. The doors were made of massive wood with only a small opening to pass food through.

    The population of St. Mary's County doubled between 1940 and 1950 so the need for a new jail became prevalent because of the increase in crime. The new jail still sits behind the Court House.

    Today the Old Jail is a museum which contains many historical artifacts includig those medical possessions of Dr. Bean; who who was a well respected and loved doctor of the area. In front of the jailhouse a cannon is mounted which was brought to Maryland on the Ark in 1634. It defended St. Mary's City for many years and was donated to the St. Mary's Historical Society.

Front View
  • An outside view of the St. Mary's County Historical Jailhouse

  • The Investigation:

    Jailer's Quarters
  • Kathy Sitting on the floor of the Jailer's Quarters (first floor).

  • Jailer's Quarters
  • A view of the fireplace in the Jailer's Quarters (first floor)

  • Jailer's Quarters
  • St. Mary's County Crest now located in the Jailer's Quarters (first floor).

  • Old Commoner's Cell
  • The old Commoner's Cell before the 2nd floor was added.

  • Stairs to 2nd Floor
  • The very steep stairs going up to the 2nd floor.

  • 2nd Floor Commoner's Cell
  • The 2nd floor Commoner's Cell in the new addition.

  • 2nd Floor Gentlemen's Cell
  • The 2nd floor Gentlemen's Cell in the new addition.

  • 2nd Floor Ladies Cell
  • The 2nd floor Ladies Cell in the new addition. Now being used as a
    replica of Dr. Bean's office in the Old Jail Museum.

  • Footage of Interest:

  • Below is a photo taken at the front of the Jailhouse. Please direct your view to the upper-left window in the photo. Not sure if it is a reflection, but there are some enhanced photos too to enhance the view. The first is the original, only resized for faster loading.

    Questionable Photo
  • Original
  • Questionable Photo
  • Brightened 60%
  • Questionable Photo
  • Equalized
  • Questionable Photo
  • Cut from the Original
  • Questionable Photo
  • Brightened 60%
  • Questionable Photo
  • Equalized

  • Original photo that was taken.
  • A photo focused on that window.

  • Video clips:
  • Video #1: Trailing object
  • Video #1: Trailing object - In AVI Format
  • Video #2: Blip at the end
  • Audio clips:
  • Audio #1: Slap then what?
  • Audio #2: 2 or 3 throughout

  • Personal Experiences:
    • Brian - "I was recording with Steve's video camera in the Gentleman's Cell. I was towards the back of the room sitting down with my back to the display case. I was filming the doorway to the cell and the hallway just outside the cell. I was observing the viewfinder of the camera when I noticed a strange object move from the left of the viewfinder to the right. It appeared to be a ball of light on the viewfinder but I could not see it with the naked eye."

    • Kathy - "The original holding cell downstairs had an interesting 'feel' to the room. I don't quite know how to explain it other than to say it simply felt different from the other two rooms we had been in. The Gentlemen's holding cell on the second story held a completely different 'feel' than all of the other rooms we had been in."

    • Lisa - "During the investigation I sat in the second floor Commoner's Cell for a good 20 minutes. I actually sat on the floor to calm myself down. After about 10 minutes I felt a sudden sadness and I just wanted to cry for no apparent reason."

    • Steve - "...I felt unbalanced, but I did not feel anything that supported the possibility of paranormal energy. I photographed the entire room, but felt compelled to take multiple photos of the doorway into the hallway."

    • Video: Footage of an unknown object moving from center screen to the right. This is still under review and will be tested properly.

    • Photo: Tested previously experienced visual and photo anomalies and found reasonable explanation for the mentioned phenomena.

    • Audio: We have isolated several clips of unknown sounds. We will be testing these clips properly by attempting to recreate the circumstances and sounds themselves.

    • We have isolated several pictures, audio & video clips of interest. Please draw your own conclusions. We are not here to sway anyone one way or the other. We provide only the most interesting data in order for each person to make their own conclusion.

    • In the section, "Footage of Interest", above, the photo listed has been explained. We returned to the Jailhouse for the followup visit. In the same window, along the right-side wall, is a mannequin wearing a dress of the times. This is what was "unknown" at the time of the investigation.