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Anne Arundel County

  • Bates Middle School - Annapolis - The school has been abandoned since the 1970’s. Many strange occurrences happen here. If you put your ear up to the doors, you can hear moaning and scratching. It is rumored that people were killed here in the 1960’s. It was a segregated school where only blacks went before it closed down. Supposedly a girl was thrown out a window to her death. Her body was never found. Reports of lights being on inside even without power to the building. Five years ago the state tried to make the old school into a senior center but something scared them away after 2 months.
  • Update: I drove by the site of the old school during the summer of 2005. The buildings are currently being renovated for use as a school again. - Digi
  • Governor's Run Bridge - Also known as 'Cry Baby Bridge' - Many years ago, a young unmarried teenaged girl became pregnant and had a baby. She was very afraid to tell her parents. The young girl took the baby and dropped it over the side of the Governor's Bridge. The girl was shocked at what she had done and she jumped off the bridge and was killed. Today, a woman can be seen standing on the bridge. She has frightened many drivers. A truck driver saw the woman standing on the bridge and as he tried to avoid hitting her he drove his truck into the side of the bridge. The police came to investigate and could find no evidence that anyone had been on the bridge.
  • Governor's Run Bridge Photos

  • Crain House in Glen Burnie - The house was located off Crain Highway and that why it was called the Crain House. It was a historical house that dates back to the days when Glen Burney had large furnaces that we were used in manufacturing. The house had been abandoned for many years and dated from the 1800's and the Civil War era. The house was once a beautiful farmhouse. It was listed in the 1970's as a Maryland Historic Property. In the 1970's the Anne Arundel Historical Society considered using the house as their headquarters but it never happened. That may have saved the house. It was scheduled to be torn down several times but historical groups, for a time, had prevented it from being torn down. A dead body had been found in the basement by the police. The house was demolished in March of 2003 by Anne Arundel County because of its condition.
             An old woman once lived in the house and after she died people realized that she did not past over. People became aware that the old woman was haunting the house. The old woman never liked her kitchen light to be turned off when she lived in the house. She felt safer when the kitchen light was on. The old woman's spirit was in the house and her ghostly apparition had been seen looking out of the upstairs window. Her ghostly image had been seen by many people who come to visit the house. If you had driven by, you might still have see the light on in the kitchen. There was no electricity in the house but the light was still on. The house had long since been condemned and had caught fire twice. The grounds are said to still be haunted by some of the locals who live in the area today.

  • Witch's Grave in Annapolis - In Truxton park, in Annapolis, right across from Spa Cove apartments, if you go in the woods past the 3rd baseball field and you’ll see a slanted tree where the witch was buried and escaped in the 1800’s never to be seen again now it is rumored that on Halloween if you go deep enough into the woods you can see the bodies of the people the witch killed hanging from the trees.
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    Calvert County

  • Bowen's Inn - Bowen's Inn is haunted and employees have had some strange experiences. Robert, one of the employees, saw the ghost one Christmas. He was carrying boxes up to the third floor when he saw the ghostly woman. The ghostly apparition was very tall, about six feet tall and she was dressed in an old fashioned dress that was black with a lace collar. He said that she was standing on the top of the stair landing. He became frightened and started back down the steps and when he looked back the ghost walked down the hall. Robert told the owner of the Inn about what had happened. "Robert has never returned to the third floor. I knew he was scared out of his mind," said Costatino.

  • Cedar Hill - The home was built in the early 1700's. The builder was John Bigger who built the house in the shape of a cross. Eric Schneider decided to buy Cedar Hill after he saw the unusual house. He rented the house out and the tenant began experiencing strange occurrences. One woman tenant complained the throw rug she put in the downstairs hallway would not stay in place. She was always finding it rolled up and pushed against the wall. This happen every time she laid it out. When the tenants began moving in, the door would slam behind them when they would bring in boxes. The lights and television would turn themselves on and off. The sister was tapped on the shoulder by an invisible hand. The nephew came to visit and saw a man dressed in Civil war uniform standing in the den. The family heard odd noises coming from the attic. The father decided to investigate and found nothing, when he turned to go back downstairs, something pushed him from behind. He fell down the stairs but was not injured badly. The father tried to close the door to the basement and something kept pulling on the other side. He finally said, "I don't care if the door is open," and the door slammed shut. The Schneiders decided to move into the home and they soon found they were not alone, the rocker would rock by itself and there were sounds of footsteps in the attic. Sometimes the noises would go on for hours.

  • The Gray Lady of Maidstone - Maidstone is a haunted house that dates back to the 1700's. The original owner of the house was Samuel Chew, who built Maidstone in the late 1600's on a 2,000 acre parcel of land in Calvert County. It was used as a Quaker meeting house by the Chew family. The Chew family owned the house for about 200 years. It was replaced by a stone house in the middle 1700's. The ghost of a beautiful young woman dressed in gray matches the description of Ann Chew. She has been seen dozens of times over the years. She was married to Phillip Chew at Maidstone in 1724. Members of the family reportedly saw her ghost walking the grounds of the house. She is sighted on moonlit nights, walking near the gardens. She is described as being very graceful and wearing a long gray veil that four feet in length. Some people believe the dress and veil is her wedding gown. Ann's spirit has been dubbed "The Gray Lady". The ghost has been seen in the gardens but she is rarely sighted in the house. A witness reported seeing her leave the house when he was coming from the stable. He said the ghost gave him a friendly smile. Not all of her antics have been as humorous. Ann pushed one man off the couch where he was sleeping. In the house there is an unexplained tendency of several pictures hanging in Maidstone's halls to be routinely switched around. Maidstone is a private home and is located in Calvert County on the southeastern shore of Maryland. It is located on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Old Tavern & Farmhouse - This house and tavern are located on a large estate of 250 or more acres. In the 1960's, the farmhouse and tavern burned down. While repairing the house workmen heard strange noises and footsteps. People have seen ghostly images on the stairs in the house and have had the feeling of being watched.

  • Hance Home - Someone was murdered in the kitchen of this home many years ago. On the anniversary of the murder, blood stains will appear at the site where the body was found. Strange unexplained events happen throughout the house. The home has been visited by ghost hunting experts who have witnessed the strange occurrences.

  • Grey Fox Inn - Solomons Island - The Grey Fox Inn is said the be haunted by a ghostly dog. People who have visited the Inn on moonlit nights have seen the ghost dog. The home was built in 1913 and the owners had a small poodle. The owner of the Inn has seen the dog on many occasions. Sometimes the dog does not appear in its entirety. Parts of the dog makes an appearance like his tail wagging across the floor.

  • Carmen's Gallery - Solomons Island - In 1940, when this was a home, a man fell off the pier and drowned. The owner found the man's suitcase still packed in the attic as if he was ready to leave. Local people told the owner about the man drowning. She discovered the man's name on the suitcase in the attic. The owner had not seen the ghost but she has heard unexplained noises.

  • Broomes Island - Church Road - There is a old cemetery and if you circle the cemetery three times on the third time fog will come rolling in and you will hear little girls start to laugh.
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    Charles County

  • Port Tobacco Creek - Peddler's Rock or Blue Dog - Peddler's Rock is haunted by the apparition of a dog. This dog has been dead over 200 years. People say you can still hear the dog howling on cold winter nights. The dog is large and charcoal gray with a blue tint in color. The dog was a faithful companion to an old peddler who was murdered for his gold during the Revolutionary War. The peddler and his dog were known to have worked the same route for years. The old peddler was murdered for his gold and the dog was murdered because he tried to save his master. It was reported that George Washington said that he saw the ghost dog when he was staying at the home of his doctor Dr. Gustavius Richard Brown at Rose Hill. It was a foggy evening in February when he and Union General Joseph Hooker came across the phantom dog. People say that even to this day the ghostly dog is still standing guard where his master died.

  • Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Home - Waldorf - Dr. Mudd's home has been turned into a Museum where visitors can learn about the life of the doctor who treated the leg of John Wilkes Booth in 1865, the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. The granddaughter of Dr. Mudd, Louise Arehart is responsible of the restoration of his home.

            She felt motivated to restore the home because of the reported visits from the ghost of Dr. Mudd. She began hearing knocking at her front door and when she answered it no one would be there. She heard footsteps walking up stairs when no one was at home. She began to catch glimpses of a man dressed in black pants, vest and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up. Louise realized that this was her great grandfather visiting her. The home of Dr. Mudd was falling into disrepair and she felt that he had come back to get her to save his home. She began writing her local Congressman and looking for help to save the historic home. The home is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Dr. Mudd Home Investigation Report #1
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  • Dr. Mudd Home Investigation Report #2
  • Dr. Mudd Home Investigation Photos #2
    • The Mudd Farmhouse - After Dr. Mudd received a presidental pardon for his suspected role in the death of President Lincoln, he returned back to his farmhouse only to live a life he could never rebuild. Knocks at the door, footsteps, and an apparition have all been witnessed here.
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    Prince George's County (PG)

  • Surratt's Tavern - This is the tavern where John Wilkes Booth plotted the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Footsteps and the sounds of glasses and conversations are reported.

  • Glen Dale - Glen Dale Hospital - This hospital began its operation back in the early 1900’s, but was abandoned in the late 1970’s. The hospital is made up of six different buildings on opposite sides of the road. The hauntings seem to take place in the two structures closest to the road to the right. Most doors and windows have been broken out and abandoned medical equipment is scattered everywhere within the buildings. Sightings have included a large pack of ghost dogs, ghostly patients wandering the second floor, and smoke coming from the crematorium. People have also complained of noises such as banging and yelling coming from the hospital walls, screams and sometimes laughter. Inside there is sometimes a strong odor of burning flesh and smoke coming from where they used to burn the bodies. In one particular room there is said to be sightings of a man in a straightjacket who went insane after watching his family being murdered by an intruder to his home while he hid in a closet. He was so overcome with the guilt that he didn’t help his family that he went insane. He eventually killed himself after he broke into the room where they kept the medication and overdosed.

  • Forest Haven - This old abandoned mental hospital and insane asylum, consists of multiple buildings. It's almost like a full neighborhood, with institutes everywhere. Some buildings are still in use by the army. Many things are scattered throughout the buildings, voices can be heard, tracks are made on the floor in water or something wet, dolls are hanging from ceilings and are too high to reach. Dead animals, a strange fog that sometimes you cant even see through until you are a few floors up in the buildings, and various other scary things are seen and experienced here. A famous candy maker occupied this place. A tombstone in a cemetery there lists everyone’s name who died there.
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    St. Mary's County

  • Cry Baby Creek - Hollywood (Saint Andrew's Church Road Bridge) - There is a bridge located near Hollywood, Maryland, along St. Andrew's Church Road. The bridge crosses over a dark, swampy area. This location is home to two different ghosts. One is the spirits of a young woman whose husband had gone off to fight in World War II. She was pregnant when he left. After the war was going to be his first chance to for her husband to see his young son. Shortly after the war ended, she received a telephone call in the middle of the night from her husband. He told her that he was in Hollywood and that he was borrowing a car and would be coming home in a few minutes. There house lay along old St. Andrew's Church Road. The woman was so excited about seeing her husband that she bundled up the baby and started walking to meet her husband along the way. There is a bad curve in the roadway, just before the bridge, and the woman was walking around it just as her husband drove quickly around it from the other direction, there was no way that he could stop. The young woman was killed instantly and the baby flew out of her arms and over the side of the bridge. The baby's body was never found. People who cross the bridge today, often hear the sound of a baby crying and see a young woman running frantically back and forth as though searching for it. The cries of the baby seem to come from the waters below and the creek has been dubbed Cry Baby Creek over the years.
            The other ghost is that of a black woman. She jumps out of nowhere, right in front of cars that are passing over the bridge; she has caused several minor accidents on the bridge. There is the ruin of an old slave cabin near the bridge. The cabin was the home of several slaves and among them was a beautiful girl. The Plantation owner forced himself on her dozens of times, so she planned to get even. One night she when she was to meet him in bed and she killed him with an iron pan. She hadn't planned to kill him. She wanted to injure him and run away. She gathered her belongings and ran into the woods. The man was found dead and a posse was formed to hunt her down. They caught her and killed her near the bridge. Many people believe the ghost of the black woman seen at the bridge is the ghost of the young girl.
  • Cry Baby Creek Photos

  • Moll Dyer's Rock - Leonardtown (St. Mary's Historical Society) - An 875 lb. boulder sits in front of the Historical Society. This is the rock that Moll Dyer the witch hand was frozen too, when she was driven from her home on one of the coldest nights of the year. The people of the town burned down her cabin. Moll froze to death and she was found with her hand frozen to the rock. When they removed her body, the impressions of her knees and hands were left at the scene. This happened more than three hundred years ago and you can still see her hand print on the rock Her house was located in an area that is now known as Moll Dyer's Run. Her ghostly apparition has been seen floating over the land near the near where she lived. The large boulder was moved in 1975, to the front of the Historical Society. People report feeling uncomfortable around the rock. When people try to take pictures, their camera malfunctions. People have reported feeling aches and pains when they stand by the rock.
            In 1697, the town folk of St. Mary's County burned down Molly Dyer cabin and drove her out of town. They called her a witch and wanted her banned from the town. Molly was driven from her home on the coldest night of the year, ice covered the ground and the woman was sent out in the wilderness with out proper dress. Molly body was found a few days later in the forest. She was found with her one of hand frozen to a rock. This happen over three hundred years ago and you can still see her hand print on the rock. People say that her ghostly spirit still walks in the woods where she was so badly mistreated.
  • Moll Dyer's Rock & St. Mary's Historical Society Photos
  • Historical Jail House

  • Charlotte Hall - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home - Residents of this nursing home, sees small children wandering and playing through the halls, it is said that floor 3B is haunted, they are no residents that lives on that floor, it is completely EMPTY! but when nurses walking through on night shift can see call lights flicker on and noises heard. before Charlotte Hall Veterans Home was built, they was once a type of military school for boys that was there. Some how the school burned down and some of the children were burnt and killed also. and it is said that the Veterans Home is now haunted by the children and the people who has died while living in the home.
  • 2005 Correction: The fire in Charlotte Hall was in the early 1900s. No one was killed.

            The veteran's center that is at the location has been there only 20 years. Charlotte Hall was a school from 1723 and a Military Academy since 1774. Yes there were several deaths at that school even up to the 1960's such as sports accidents & heart attacks. There was a student that drowned at a pond located behind the school just off the ground where students would go to swim. One boy did drown there in 1909; a cadet named Pierre, there was a plaque on the entrance of the school in his memory. A former student reports, to scare the younger students the upper classmen would tell the younger students about his ghost roaming the halls and still swimming back at Smoochers Pond.

  • Point Lookout - Located on the peninsula of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, Point Lookout has been widely considered one of the largest hot spots of paranormal activity on the east coast. Mostly because its one of the few places where its believed that the entire area is haunted. Ghost soldiers are seen roaming the park day and night and are often mistaken for rein-actors. Many of the haunted places at Point Lookout include:
    • Fort Lincoln - The last fort of 3 forts at Point Lookout still standing. This earthen fort has been restored to replicate how it looked during the civil war. Stories have come from the fort of bullets flying at night and glass breaking. Only to find everything intact the next day.
    • Point Lookout Lighthouse - Built in 1830 and active for 135 years. The lighthouse is widely considered the most haunted lighthouse in America. Since the 1860's, there have been signs of paranormal activity within the lighthouse. The ghost of Ann Davis, the lighthouses first keeper, has been seen standing atop the stairway. Photographs have been taken of soldiers and other anomalies inside. Voices have been recorded inside by many paranormal investigators including Sarah Estep. Sarah is considered a pioneer of EVP work in the paranormal field. An E.V.P. she captured in the basement of the lighthouse, of a boy saying “I was seeing the war”, found its way to Hollywood in the movie “White Noise”.
    • Camp Hoffman - The largest prison camp for confederates in the war. Established after the battle of Gettysburg and held up to approximately. 52,000 prisoners between August 1863 and June 1865. Of those 52,000 nearly 14,000 died from various diseases, exposure and starvation. It is estimated that only 50 people ever escaped out of the prison. The prison held soldiers as well as civilian men, women and children with the youngest being a baby who was born there. The prison also spent time being guarded by African-American union soldiers who often found themselves guarding their former masters. Soldiers have been seen darting across the main road that leads through Point Lookout. Mists and fog have also been seen on many occasions.
    • Hoffman Loop in the park - The original site of a confederate mass grave. The buried soldiers have been moved to where the memorial is now located and a small cement marker now shows where they were originally buried. It is said that the ground near the marker is always cold. Sites 137 and 139 are considered to be active with paranormal activity.
    • Conoy Circle in the park - Eagle cabin has been reported to be full of paranormal activity. A couple staying overnight said that bottles of water that were on a table in the cabin were moving and rolling off the table in the middle of the evening. The bottles were open when they woke up. Other noises were also heard. They left the park early in the morning and said they'd never come back.
    • Confederate Memorial - A final resting place for 3,384 confederates. They have been moved twice since their original burial. A 84 foot tall monument stands here and was the first monument erected for confederate soldiers. Many anomalies have been seen here including orbs, mists, and fog.
    • Original Campsite - The original Point Lookout campsite was located on the far end of lake Conoy next to the Potomac river. It is said that some indentations of graves can still be found in this area.
  • Pt Lookout Lighthouse Investigation Report #1
  • Pt Lookout Lighthouse Investigation Report #2

  • Piney Point Lighthouse - Called the “Lighthouse of Presidents,” Piney Point Light has been visited by many past US Presidents including Theodore Roosevelt, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce & James Monroe. The park on which the lighthouse is stationed was once the destination of celebrity vacationers. Built in 1836, by Havre de Grace native John Donahoo, the lighthouse construction included a stone from the same quarry as that used in the White House and US Capitol.
            One Halloween night, the director of St. Clements Island Potomac River Museum, Michael Humphries asked if he could move some paint. A voice he did not recognize responded, “suit yourself.” He reported to have recorded the voice. Other individuals claim to have heard it also. A tenant in the keeper’s quarters has seen a woman dressed in 1920s style clothing, smoking a cigarette. As the tenant approached the woman, she disappeared.

  • Piney Point Lighthouse photos and history.

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    Random Locations

  • Oak Lawn/Hayden House, Ellicott City, Howard Co. - Historically located on a tract of land called "Mount Misery", Oak Lawn, the current location of the Howard County Law Library, was once the home of Attorney Edwin Parsons Hayden and his family. Mr. Hayden served in the Maryland House of Delegates from October 1846 to March 1847 and was later named the first clerk of the Howard County Court by Governor Thomas George Pratt. After the death of Mr Parsons in 1850, the family turned their home into the Oak Lawn Seminary, a private school for girls. After that, the house was occupied by several different owners, including the Howard County Board of Education and the County District Court.
            In 1981, the house sat vacant for several years before being taken over by the county law library. Stories about Oak Lawn began many years ago and continue today, although they seemed to peak during the 70's when the house was occupied by the district court and the county office of parole and probation. Lights would turn off and on by themselves. A rocking chair would rock by itself. An employee saw a man through glass pains of the front door and upon inspection of the house found there was no one there. Other events include sudden coldness, locked doors found unlocked, and doorknobs turning but no one entering. The most common occurrences however were phantom smells. As employees made their way into work smells of bacon, eggs, freshly brewed coffee, and soup would waft throughout the house. The source of these smells was one of the more disturbing parts for the county employees because there was no working kitchen or any type of cooking device in the house at all. One particular staff member, who worked late hours, reported a number of events like seeing cloth napkins fold and re-fold themselves before his eyes and hearing a number of noises that he could not explain. This same employee reported seeing a "white haze" out of the corner of his eye as he walked from the first to second floor of the house. He looked quickly only to see the misty ball of vapor hanging in the air and then vanish. To this day, Oak Lawn remains one of the most haunted locations in Ellicott City.

  • Millers Church, Washington Co. - In the 1930’s, this church was believed to be used for Satanic rites. Years later, the church burned down. One night a young couple went parking at the church. Not long afterwards, when they were ready to leave, the car would not start. The guy told his girlfriend to stay in the car and keep the doors locked while he went to get help. When he came back, she was gone and the doors were still locked. He looked up, only to find her hanging from the old oak tree in front of the church. Sometimes at night you can see a figure hanging from that same tree. Some witnesses even claim that they have been chased by a phantom hearse near the site of the old church.

  • Furnace Town, Worchester Co. - In 1832, the Maryland Iron Company began operating the Nassawango Iron Furnaces, employing hundreds of people, mining and smelting ore and burning the furnaces day and night. Molten ore was poured into bars and then loaded onto barges that would taken them down Nassawango Creek to the Potomac River and then to Chesapeake Bay. From there, the iron was shipped all over the country. Not surprisingly in those days, many slaves were put to work doing the hottest, most dangerous jobs. One of these slaves was a man named Sampson Hat.
            The Maryland Iron Company bought all of the land where Furnace Town was located. For several years, they did well, but then competition opened up in other parts of the country. Finally, in 1833, the company went bankrupt and they started looking for a buyer for the town. Although the sale was to include the furnace, a grist mill, a sawmill, a mansion, homes for the iron workers, a store and a number of other businesses as well as the land, there were no buyers until 1837. At that time, Judge Thomas A. Spence decided that he liked the idea of owning his own town.
            Both Spence and his wife were quite wealthy when they bought the town. Many of the workers came back and the slaves were once again leased out, including Sampson Hat. The little village named “Pocomoke Forest” flourished.... but it was an expensive endeavor and in 10 years, Spence lost both he and his wife's fortunes.
            By 1847, he had spent all of the money he had and he was forced to close the furnaces down. The people whose lives depended on the foundry moved on to other places, abandoning their homes and businesses and the slaves were moved on to other tasks... all except for Sampson Hat. He simply refused to leave.
            He lived on in Furnace Town by himself, surviving on what was available. He was eventually forgotten and after the Civil War was set free, although he had not labored as a slave for more than 20 years. Eventually time caught up with him and he died at the age of 107.
            Sampson made it perfectly clear (to anyone who would listen) that he wanted to be buried at Furnace Town when he died. But for some reason. his final wish was not granted and his body was placed elsewhere... and many believe that is why his ghost is still haunting the place today.
            After Furnace Town and Pocomoke Forest were abandoned, nature and time took its toll on the village and buildings and they slowly deteriorated. Then, in 1962, a family named Foster bought the town and gave it to the Worcester County Historical Society. It has since been restored and opened as a museum.
            The apparition of a tall black man has been seen walking through parts of the small village over the last several years, especially during the restoration efforts. He continues to haunt the locale to this day. Perhaps he got his final wish in the end. He may not have been buried at Furnace Town, but there is a good chance that Sampson Hat has never left.

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