In Loving Memory:

    Photo #1 taken at "Patuxent Pub and Grill", #2 Echo House, #3 At home
    Alison Marie Ward
    Oct 02, 1962 - February 19, 2016

      Today, 20-Feb-2016, we mourn the loss of one of our own. A new recruit to Southern Maryland Paranormal, Alison was a friend of my wife's and to Mike. My wife introduced Alison and I about 2 years ago. She was a kind, gentle loving person. She was all about love and acceptance. She was an accomplished chef at Vera's Beach Club in White Sands. I had the opportunity to sample her cooking on a couple of occasions. She was AMAZING!

      She joined the SMP family in the early days of January of 2016. We had talked about her interest in the paranormal and her possibly joining SMP. She was unsure because of her lack of free time and transportation options. But, after some time, she wanted to get out, meet new people and have something more to do with her time. She was anxious and excited to get started and help the team research and review data in regards to the paranormal and history in general. She attended the scheduled monthly video-meeting January 23rd at 8pm. In attendance was myself(Steve), Libby, Damon and Sam. As we waited for others to join, Libby, Damon, Sam and I all chatted, joked and talked "shop." She was tired after a long day at work, but she joined right in. That was the last time we all spoke. Shortly after, Alison fell ill. On February 19th, 2016 at 2:30pm, Alison passed away.

      We will never forget you girl. Everyone who met you, instantly connected with you. You were a TRUE inspiration, full of happiness, joy, love, acceptance, tolerance, patience. The world has lost a truly wonderful person. I will always treasure the time I had with her. Although we will be sad and miss her, she would not be pleased if rememberances of her were fraught with sadness. She would want everyone to just be happy and smile. So let's just smile when we think of her and know she is smiling down on us.

      Thank you Alison for being my friend... and as she would always say when parting, "I love you hun."