Using science, we will put to practice the tools and methodologies of thousands of years of study and the lessons of men and women who came before us. Their years of experience provide us today with a set of instructions we use to document, test and report ideas, or hypotheses. We can then explore all possibilities reasonably and logically. Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong... but right or wrong, correct or incorrect, it is ALWAYS a path in the right direction, the focus: THE TRUTH!

Science Documentation:

Science Information:
    Discussions of some of the studies that have been conducted with the effects of complex low-level emf's on the human neural network. Its a straight forward account of test results and poses some hypotheses based on a non-belief point-of-view. It is important to understand all sides of the arguements about EMF. Now this doesn't discuss rapid changes in EMF and what it may mean so there is a space paranormal hypotheses to exist inside of this set of experiements.


    Here is a link that sets up a format for the discussion of evidence. Note the idea that negative evidence does no necessarily disprove a particular hypotheses. Once again, from Rob's second favorite paranormal website,


Weather Phenomena & the Paranormal:
    How does weather, weather phenomena, weather conditions, atmosheric charges, moisture, air pressure, temperature and other related weather topics relate to the world of the paranormal?