Paranormal and Religion

What are your theories regarding the paranormal?
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Paranormal and Religion

Postby SMP_Desirae » Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:28 am

I was having a conversation the other day of how I can believe in ghosts and God at the same time. When I explained MY theory, I was told that was the first time anyone had made sense of the two together. So I figured I would share MY religious belief and how God and spirits can fall into one belief system.

I do believe in GOD, but not the Bible. The bible was written by man 1000's of years later. Books, were added and removed and a group of people were able to decide what was put into the book. Now days, if GOD talks to me to tell me to write a book, I am going to being giving myself lots of hugs.

I feel there are different planes of existence. We have the current one we are on, than the next level is for those who have passed.. Earthbound spirits so to say and than 1 or 2 more levels. Our spirit once our body dies has to earn or learn each level. But can move down between the levels, which is how we have loved ones who we know are not stuck here, but are able to communicate with us at times. You can always move down to a level you have passed, but can't jump into the next level until you have earned that right. That final level (and you can move in between all levels) is heaven, total freedom, peace, and love.

Next we have Hell. I do not think Hell is a physical place or level. I believe that if your life was not lived well enough to move to heaven, than you are sent back to try again (where reincarnation comes from).

God instead of being a "person" is a state of mind, a high being, an idol, like gravity, he is there, but we cannot see him.

That is just my thoughts.. Don't really fall into one religion, but this is how I view things.
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Re: Paranormal and Religion

Postby SMP_Steve » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:11 am

Interesting take.
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